Tax Installment Agreements


If you have unpaid taxes, one of the barriers to resolving the problem may be the reality that you simply cannot pay your unpaid tax debt in full at this time. The Tax Resolution professionals at Reeder Murphy may be able to help you or your business get around this problem with the use of an installment payment agreement.

An installment payment agreement with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) or State of Michigan is an option that allows individual and business taxpayers to spread the payment of their tax liability out over time.

Experienced Assistance with Tax Installment Agreements

Installment agreements can be an excellent resolution for unpaid tax liabilities. When the IRS or state consents to a proposed installment agreement, they will halt any other collection actions, including garnishing wages or levying bank accounts. Penalties and interest will, however, continue to accrue until the liability is paid in full.

The IRS and state do not automatically accept installment proposals. RM can help you make sure that you and your business are in full compliance with IRS filing requirements, a prerequisite to having a proposed installment agreement accepted. Depending on the extent of your tax liability, our experienced Tax Resolution team will then assist you with applying for installment payments and making any necessary disclosures about your finances to the IRS or state.

Tax Resolution Help for Michigan and Federal Taxpayers

At Reeder Murphy we have over 20 years of experience helping clients resolve their tax issues through a variety of means, including installment agreements. We pair our decades of experience with local, state and federal tax resolution with our genuine concern for you, your financial health, and that of your business We are not a one-size fits all national tax resolution practice. Rather, we take pride in one-on-one personal and confidential service. We take the time to meet with you, look at your individual and business situation, and find the right resolution so you can obtain financial freedom. Whatever the nature or complexity of your tax issue, we invite you to contact Reeder Murphy to schedule a consultation with a member of our Tax Resolution team.

Tax Resolution Team: Kari N. Thames, Enrolled Agent, Bryan D. Reeder