Tax Resolution Specialists


At Reeder Murphy, our mission is to help our clients solve problems that could negatively affect their lives, families, businesses, and financial security. Unpaid tax debt, if not dealt with in a timely fashion, is one such threat to the things you value. For most people, dealing with tax matters is intimidating. It’s often tempting to put letters from tax authorities aside to deal with “later.” If you’ve been in this situation, you know that the longer you wait to deal with tax issues, the harder it is to do so.

The Tax Resolution Specialists team at RM helps individuals and businesses resolve their tax problems, from back taxes, interest, and penalties to dealing with Internal Revenue Service errors. We help you understand your legal rights and work with you to successfully resolve your tax issues. We know how daunting tax proceedings can be, and we do everything possible to relieve not only the burden of your tax debt, but the stress that comes with it.

Legal Support Throughout Your Michigan or Federal Tax Resolution Process

Reeder Murphy will represent you before whatever taxing authority–city, state, or federal–you are dealing with. We help you understand what to expect, explain your options, and advocate for you every step of the way. Whatever your tax concern, you do not need to handle it alone. We are experienced in addressing a wide range of tax matters, including:

Reeder Murphy will help you explore your options for resolving debt from income tax, payroll tax, estate and gift tax, and more. You may be able to resolve your debt for much less than you currently owe.

Compassionate Support and Dedicated Advocacy to Resolve Tax Debt

Reeder Murphy offers you our knowledge of local, state, and federal tax law and over 20 years of experience helping clients resolve their tax issues. While our clients have expressed gratitude for the results we’ve achieved for them, what they most value is our personal attention and knowing we genuinely care about them. Whatever the nature or complexity of your tax issue, we invite you to contact Reeder Murphy to schedule a consultation with a member of our Tax Resolution Specialists team.

Tax Resolution Team: Kari N. Thames, Enrolled Agent, Bryan D. Reeder