Contract and Transaction Law


The laws governing contracts are complicated, and an error either in making a contract, or in performing one, can result in costly litigation for a business owner. At Reeder Murphy P.C. we stay current with developments in the law so that we can make sure your contracts are enforceable, less likely to be breached, and structured to your best possible advantage.

Understanding Contract Law

There are two primary types of problems in contract law: making sure a contract is enforceable, and taking action when a contract is breached. We believe that taking the time to ensure your contract is drafted clearly and thoroughly is essential. The less ambiguous a contract is, the more understandable and enforceable it will be. Making sure all contingencies are covered and that all parties understand what they’re agreeing to reduces the risk of litigation about the contract’s terms in the future.

As most business owners know, breaches of contract sometimes happen no matter how clear and comprehensive the contract. Reeder Murphy represents business clients whether they are pursuing their rights under a contract that has been breached, or defending against an alleged breach of contract.

Because we are business owners, too, we remain ever-mindful of the bottom line in contract disputes; a victory on your behalf will ring hollow if it costs more in legal fees and expenses than the case is worth. We are skilled negotiators and prefer to settle contract disputes wherever possible in order to conserve your time and resources. Sometimes litigation is necessary to preserve your rights, however, and under those circumstances you can be sure that we will advocate for you from a position of integrity and strength.

Experienced, Trustworthy West Michigan Contract Law Attorneys

Reeder Murphy P.C. is a full-service law firm, able to address all of your business and personal legal needs so that you can concentrate on the needs of your business. When you contract with another party for goods and services, we believe in protecting you on two fronts: working to make sure your contracts are as litigation-proof as possible, and advocating for you at every turn if your contract is breached.

Business & Corporate Law Team: Bryan D. Reeder, Jeffrey M. Black, Richard A. Conklin