Elder Law

Security for a long life’s gains

The Elder Law Solutions team at Reeder Murphy P.C. is here to provide seniors and their loved ones throughout West Michigan the comprehensive legal guidance you need to confidently protect your assets and loved one’s best interests.

Your needs are unique, and we incorporate a number of different professional experts to provide their specialized insight and talents.

We’ll discuss with you an effective, holistic, and understandable plan to bring you and your family the peace of mind you deserve.

Elder Law Specialties

Medicaid Planning

If applying for Medicaid is in your future, our experts will offer legal guidance to simplify the process. We will make sure plans remain up-to-date with changing laws and prevent any costly delays or errors.

Long-Term Care Planning and Advocacy

Providing long-term care can become very expensive. We proactively plan out long-term care, making sure resources are well-established and remain available to provide for your own care or that of a loved one. This includes exploring and incorporating any potential benefits and programs available to you.

Establishing Caregiver Contracts

Who will care for you or a loved one, and what will the parameters around that care be? We can draw up legal contracts designating who will serve as initial and backup caregiver, as well as outline services provided, potential compensation, conflict resolution processes, and other important matters.

Estate Planning

It is crucial that clear and proper dispensation of an estate is administered upon the passing of a loved one, avoiding unnecessary tensions or drawn out court proceedings. Our estate planning experts will provide prompt, understandable, and legally sound representation of final wishes and inheritances.

Elder Law Services for a Clear Road Ahead

The Elder Law Solutions team will help you with any aspect of elder law that may be of concern to your particular situation and needs. 

We will treat your matters with utmost compassion and as little stress as possible. We will always treat you the same way that we would want ourselves and our own families to be treated.

Call our Grand Rapids office at (616) 458-3994 to schedule a consultation, or please feel free to fill out our online contact form if you prefer reaching out to us electronically.