Legal Services You Can Rely On

Whether you are opening or managing your own business, want to plan for your family’s future, or need help managing government benefits or the justice system, the legal experts at Reeder Murphy P.C. are here to help you seek the best possible resolution.

Contact us today for a consultation. We specialize in all of the areas below.

We provide legal advice and representation for all matters pertaining to buying or selling a business, forming a legal entity, creating and negotiating contracts, and making sure your business lives on once you retire from it.

We provide comprehensive and compassionate legal services for the elderly and their loved ones, from Medicaid planning to preparing agreements for long-term care and caregiving.

Do you know what will happen to your assets when you pass on? Do your loved ones know? You do not have to be wealthy to establish a clear and comprehensive estate plan that may spare your family from potential arguments and legal proceedings in the future.

Our legal team provides considerate advice and representation for matters that include divorce, separation, child custody, and support, among others. Our network also includes outside experts in social work and other related fields to provide additional support.

Our experts help individuals receive the benefits they have earned via Social Security, unemployment insurance, veterans aid, and more – working to overcome obstacles and cut through red tape as much as possible.

When the validation and administration of a will runs into legal problems – or a validated will cannot be found – asset distribution tends to go through the probate court. We represent clients through this process and help guide them to a favorable resolution.

Whether you are looking into buying, selling, or maintaining property of any kind, our experts can represent you through every step of the process, as well as represent your interests for any negotiations or disputes that may arise.

Problems with taxes can have devastating consequences for your business, family, and/or personal life. We help clients rise from the regulatory mire of tax regulations and work toward legal means to lessen the stress and financial burdens of unpaid tax debt.