Real Estate Attorneys

Property Rights for All of West Michigan

Whether it involves where you live, where you establish your business, or simply property you desire to own or sell, real estate matters tend to involve personal investments that go beyond financial commitments. 

The real estate attorneys at Reeder Murphy provide clear and comprehensive legal services and representation for individuals, business owners, and organizations. 

Whether your property dealings are large or small, our goals for our you will always be:

  • Preserving and protecting your interests.
  • Maximizing your investments.
  • Closing deals efficiently.
  • Streamlining processes and resolving complications for you.

Real Property Services and Guidance

We serve a variety of clients, from homebuyers to tenants, business owners to investors. If it pertains to the legal ramifications of real estate, we’ll be happy to discuss it with you. Services we cover include but are not limited to:

Buying and Selling Property

Are you buying or selling a home? Seeking to purchase your own storefront? Just have some land you’re interested in? Whether it is vacant property or buildings that are your focus, we can work with other parties involved and simplify the process of buying or selling.

Landlord-Tenant Relations

A sound landlord-tenant relationship has its foundation in a clear, comprehensive, and agreeable lease. We have represented many clients on both sides of this relationship concerning residential, retail, industrial, office, and other properties.

Developing Land and Projects

Nobody wants the hard work of their construction or development plans to get held up or denied by regulations and disputes. We represent property owners, contractors, and other involved parties throughout the entire process, providing counsel on matters including:

  • Easements
  • Zoning and planning approvals
  • Use approvals
  • Construction permits
  • Compliance
  • Liabilities

It’s always best to be proactive with your development planning. Reach out to us before a shovel hits the dirt!

Real Estate Taxes

The ins and outs of the tax code as it pertains to properties can be quite confusing. We will gladly guide clients through the process, answer questions, provide recommendations for your best benefits, and represent you in any potential disputes.

Get the Lay of Your Land

Good counsel for real estate law not only involves drafting and filing the right documents, but also understanding all the different needs of each client and approaching every case from the best angle. We will always put the full amount of time and effort into each matter – because whatever’s being considered, it likely means a great deal to you!

Property isn’t just an asset for many people – it’s the foundation on which they live and build their livelihood. Serving as real estate attorneys for our clients throughout Grand Rapids and West Michigan means serving your personal needs as well. 

Schedule a consultation with a member of our real estate team by calling (616) 458-3994, or by filling out our online contact form to reach us electronically.