Residential Real Estate Attorneys


For most people, their home is the biggest purchase they will ever make. In addition to the financial investment in a home, there’s a great emotional and personal investment as well. Reeder Murphy takes pride in helping clients ensure that their real estate transactions proceed smoothly and to their best possible advantage.

Real estate transactions are complex, involving not only Michigan law but federal law and the common law as well. These transactions involve a variety of rights and obligations. If details are not clearly spelled out in real estate documents, there exists the possibility for confusion, and possibly real estate litigation, down the road. At RM, we believe that careful planning, drafting, and review of real estate transactions up front saves time, money and trouble later.

Guidance You Can Trust For Your Residential Real Estate Matter

Many people make the mistake of relying on their real estate agent for legal information regarding the sale or purchase of a home or vacation home. While your real estate agent may have acquired some legal knowledge in the course of practice, he or she is not fully qualified to inform you about the legal risks, rights, and obligations you’re assuming. To fully protect yourself, you should consult an experienced Michigan real estate attorney.

Reeder Murphy helps buyers and sellers of real estate, as well as landlords, tenants, and landowners with transactions regarding primary residences, rental, and vacation properties. We are committed to making sure that your residential real estate transaction is a source of satisfaction, not stress, for you.

Reliable Legal Guidance for West Michigan Residential Real Estate Transactions

At Reeder Murphy our clients are grateful for our extensive knowledge of the law and decades of experience in Michigan real estate practice. However, what our clients tell us they most value is knowing we care about them, their families, and their homes. They trust us to act in their best interests, and we strive always to be worthy of that trust. Whatever the nature of your Michigan residential real estate matter, we invite you to contact Reeder Murphy to schedule a consultation with a member of our Residential Real Estate team.

Residential Real Estate Team: Bryan D. Reeder, Jeffrey M. Black, Richard A. Conklin