Family Law

Family Lawyers Serving West Michigan

When family becomes the center of legal disputes, such as in custody battles or divorce proceedings, it can feel like your world is coming down around you.

You do not have to face such trying times with an unsympathetic ear. Our duty to you as family law attorneys is to be a calm in this storm, providing caring but effective representation to seek the most favorable outcomes for you and your family. You can trust our experience to guide you through the legal process, making it much simpler and less stressful to get through.

Areas of Family Law

Our firm has many years of experience serving clients in many different family legal matters. Common areas include:

Divorce and Legal Separation

We represent:

  • Clients who are considering filing for divorce or know they wish to do so.
  • Clients who have been served with divorce papers.
  • Couples who wish to pursue legal separation instead of outright divorce.

Our attorneys will help you navigate the no-fault proceedings in the state of Michigan, providing representation for contested matters as well as any negotiations or disputes over property and other assets.

Child Custody & Parenting Time

Proceedings over child custody can be especially stressful and painful. We help families come to agreeable terms over the different areas of child custody. These include: 

  • Legal Custody – Who gets to make important life decisions including education and health care. 
  • Physical Custody – Where a child or children will live.

If necessary, we will represent you in court if agreements cannot be settled otherwise.

Child Support

In Michigan, child support is determined through state guidelines and formulas, which attempt to provide a fair and consistent structure. We help clients through this process by ensuring the information used in the formula is accurate and fairly represented. We’ll also be there when modifications need to be made in the future. 

Additional matters related to child support may include property division, spousal support, paternity, name changes, and protection from abuse.

It’s About More than Legal Victory

Healthy families still matter, even after separation.

Our team has a network of professionals in many related areas to provide comprehensive support for you and your family. We have our own social worker and family advocate specialist, as well as outside financial advisors, mortgage professionals, counselors, appraisers, and more.

There is so much more at stake than a legal “win,” especially when children are in the picture. We care about seeking a good outcome for everyone involved.

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