Unemployment Insurance


It’s never easy to have to terminate an employee. But sometime it’s a necessary part of doing business, especially if the employee has committed misconduct. Not all employees who are terminated are entitled to unemployment insurance benefits, but some attempt to claim them despite disqualification under the law. Reeder Murphy P.C. represents employers who have rightfully denied unemployment claims filed by former employees.

Legal Advocacy for Your Business’ Unemployment Insurance Matter

Employees can apply for unemployment insurance benefits through the Michigan Unemployment Insurance Agency (UIA) if they:

  • are unemployed through no fault of their own;
  • earned a certain minimum amount in wages prior to their unemployment; and
  • are able and available to work, and are actively seeking employment.

If an employee’s claim is denied, they have thirty days in which to file a protest with the UIA, which will make a redetermination. If the redetermination is unsuccessful, they may file an appeal requesting a hearing before an administrative law judge. At the hearing, the employee may present witnesses and evidence. Employers need to be present at the hearing to provide testimony and present documentation to contest the former employee’s claims.

At Reeder Murphy P.C., we have the skill and know-how to effectively represent your interests and those of your business.

A Trusted Unemployment Benefits Team for West Michigan Residents

Reeder Murphy P.C. has a Government Benefits client service team with decades of experience in government benefits including Michigan Unemployment Insurance Benefits. Our attorneys are seasoned negotiators and litigators, with inside knowledge of the system and the expertise needed to advocate for you to achieve a fair and just outcome.

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